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6 Affordable Accessories for Your iPhone

appleposts.com – When we are talking about accessories for iPhone, you can’t finish it in one or two days. Their range is so huge starting from basic and extravagant and from cheap to expensive. You don’t need to worry because here are some affordable iPhone accessories whose price is under $20. They can protect and charge your iPhone as well entertain you.

A phone case

Most people don’t like to put iPhone case on their iPhone. The reason is that they don’t want to put extra weight and the iPhone looks big. However, with Heftier cases, there is no problem with that reason. The cases from Heftier offer more support and it is a good idea to avoid scratches when your iPhone falls.

A portable battery

Having a portable battery is a good idea too. When your iPhone’s battery is low, then you don’t have any reason to be panic anymore. This is because you have extra external battery. Don’t worry, they are not pricey and you can keep them on purse or pocket. Moreover, you can charge the battery easily. Anker batteries can be used for years. You can suggest them to friends and family.

A pair of ear buds

Headphones are the best. However, when you are commuting or having a trip, ear buds will be the best choice. You can get a pair of ear buds from Francois et Mimi. They have mic, wooden finish and noice isolating technology. Many good review about them, so you should give it try. Moreover, they are affordable.

A heavier duty case

Have you ever experienced dropping your iPhone? If it is a yes, you should use Spigen’s case. This case has soft and also hard layer. Moreover, it has special defense on each corner. You may say that it’s a bit bulky and heavy than JETech case, but importantly it can protect your iPhone from scratches.

A screen protector

Having a scratch on the screen is really a nightmare. The scratches can be from something in your pocket or when the phone falls. That’s why you’d better to put the screen protector on your iPhone. It will keep your phone safe because it has hardness three times of plastic.

A better Lightning cable

Monoprice’s cable is still the best Lightning cable. It can help what Apple can’t afford which is the durability. Typically, Apple cables are infamous of being frayed for some times. However, cables from Monoprice can hold it. For the price, these cables are pricier than other brands but it is more affordable than Apple’s cable.


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