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A Review of Buckshot Pro for iPhone with Wireless Power Bank, Speaker and Light

appleposts.com – There are several unique accessories to support your beloved iPhone. One of them will be Buckshot Pro. What makes this accessory unique is on its function. Just imagine, by using this accessory you can support your iPhone along with wireless power bank, speaker and light. Yes, it is 3 in 1 accessory for iPhone.

The speaker is supported by Bluetooth so you can transfer your favorite music from your iPhone to Buckshot Pro. This device is designed for outdoor activity but you don’t have to worry when it is raining. This is because Buckshot Pro is also protected by water resistance technology. Definitely, you can use it as its main function, to support energy of your beloved iPhone. Interestingly, you can also use the light. You can use it when you are hiking or biking especially if you are visiting places with less light. It doesn’t give strong light but at least you can give sign with that light. It will be useless if Buckshot Pro doesn’t have long battery life because it supports 3 features in one.

The good news is that you can use Buckshot Pro in outdoor up to 10 hours. The main risk of bringing Buckshot Pro outdoor is fall down and crash. By using Buckshot Pro, you don’t need to worry about crash or fall down. This is because Buckshot Pro is also shock resistant. It is also good to apply when you want to take hand free call especially when you are riding or running. The best part is on its design. Buckshot Pro has a small size and it is fit in your pocket. The design looks like a small perfume bottle along with black and white color.

For those who want to have Buckshot Pro to support your beloved iPhone, you just need to buy this 3 in 1 power bank. You just need to spend around $80 to get this tinny and useful iPhone accessory.  What makes you happy is that you are using a versatile accessory and later your iPhone works better than before. In the end, you can say goodbye to difficult of using iPhone outdoor especially if you are running out of battery. Just make sure that Buckshot Pro is full and you can use it to support the energy of your iPhone and you are able to use the other benefit such as using the speaker and the light features installed.


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