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Amazing Accessories to Boost Your MacBook Pro

appleposts.com – We all know that MacBook Pro is an amazing laptop. However, even the greatest laptops need accessories to boost their performance. To get the benefits of all potential from MacBook, you need more storage, peripherals and speakers. Here are amazing accessories to help to boost your MacBook.

Apple Thunderbolt Display

The monitor of MacBook Pro is really great. The monitor even has Retina technology. However, the laptop’s monitor will not be as useful as desktop monitor. If you want to use your MacBook in your desk for daily use, you will need a good monitor. Here is Apple Thunderbolt Display with 27”. Its screen is slim and clear. It is so amazing with great resolution so you can have big space to work.

Landing Zone Docking Station

When you use keyboards, hard drives and desktop monitors, you will need docking station. It is really helpful so you don’t need to connect all cables. What you need to do is just leave them on the dock. When you want to use your MacBook, just snap it and you are connected. This dock station from Landing Zone allows you to connect two monitors, cables for HDMI and mini DisplayPort and also five USB connectors. Moreover, you can have SD card slot, audio jack, USB port and Thunderbolt port.

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

People sometimes find difficulties in typing on laptop keyboards, even on a MacBook Pro. Luckily, there are many keyboards which are easy to use. You can type more comfortable and faster. This is solar keyboard from Logitech which contain full keyboards even the number pad. It is charged by sunlight and you don’t need to change the batteries. Its body is so sleek so you can bring it wherever you are.

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

The track pads on the laptop sometimes are not accurate and comfortable, especially when you need to type or click in hurry. It is the time when you should have a mouse. Talking about wireless mice, you may be familiar with Logitech. This M510 type offers you a comfort and affordable price. It is easy to use since you only need to plug it. The battery can live for 2 years.

Twelve South PlugBug World

This adapter from Twelve South is also an amazing accessory for your MacBook Pro. It has five adapters and it is available for your computer to be charged in all over the world. The standard USB port can be used to charge your iPad and iPhone as well.


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