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Apple Watch 2 to be Called i-Watch on September 7? Here’s The Specs and Detail

appleposts.com – The second generation Apple Watch expected to be unveiled on September 7th together with IPhone 7, it appears that Apple could be calling the device the iWatch. A trademark application filed in Asia for the iWatch name, was apparently accepted exactly one week ago from today. The original filing was made on June 3rd, 2013. That is, assuming that the documents are genuine.

According to the phonearena.com, Documents allegedly reveal that Apple has been awarded the iWatch trademark in one Asian country.

pic : phonearena.com
pic : phonearena.com

Apple Watch 2 Specs

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities’ Apple analyst, there will be two different versions of the new Apple Watch. Neither will have stand-alone cellular connectivity, which means the timepiece will still need to be paired to an iPhone. The premium model will feature GPS and a barometer. Both new models will have improved waterproofing, an improved battery life, and a faster processor.

Apple Watch boasted a significant amount of new technology and design features, such as the Digital Crown, Force Touch sensor, Taptic Engine and customisable watch faces.

Features that are likely to remain largely the same on the Apple Watch 2 include the Digital Crown and Taptic Engine.

We would also expect some incremental improvements, such as 3D touch (as seen on the iPhone 6s) replacing Force Touch and additional watch faces.

Several of the new features of the original Apple Watch were unforeseen, so it is quite possible the Apple Watch 2 will include technology that no one has yet speculated on.

The original Apple Watch featured the S1 “system-on-a-chip”, which was built specifically for the smartwatch, as well as an optical heart rate sensor on the rear of the case and standard fitness sensors including an altimeter, gyroscope, pedometer and accelerometer. The Apple Watch 2 will likely feature a new SoC (we would imagine this would be called the S2, as per the naming convention for Apple’s iPhone SoCs, which follow a standard numerical pattern).

Existing sensors are likely to remain, but others could be introduced as well.

pic : itpro.co.uk - Inline size apple watch charger
pic : itpro.co.uk – Inline size apple watch charger

Apple Watch 2 will almost certainly use the same “wireless” magnetic induction technology to charge, rather than a plug-in cable like the iPhone. We’ve put wireless in quotation marks as the charger is attached to the mains electric supply by a cable and adheres to the back of the smartwatch while charging using MagSafe technology.

The first Apple Watch is compatible with wireless Qi charging pads as well – a feature that will likely be retained in the Apple Watch 2. end

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