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Apple Watch Nike+, the Best Running Partner Ever

appleposts.com – All runners will love this newest collaboration product between Apple and Nike. Apple Watch Series 2 which dubbed as the ultimate smartwatch for healthy life will be pairing with Nike sport band and as the result, the most prominent smartwatch for runner has been born. It is called Apple Watch Nike+.


Apple Watch Nike+ has all features like Apple Watch Series 2 has. Runner does not need to bring his iPhone when he is running since Apple Watch Nike+ has the built-in GPS that would record all the pace, distant, route, and heart rate. This smartwatch has brightest display that would allow runner to see the metrics even though he was standing beneath the scorching sun. Any Apple products that had been released previously do not have the bright levels like in Apple Watch Nike+. It also won’t be a problem to wear this smartwatch while you are swimming because it is water resistant 50 meters. The smartwatch has the latest watchOS 3 and dual core processor that will make sure runner can receive and reply the notifications much easier and faster.

The sweat creates some problems for runner when he is running with the watch on his wrist like the odor and itching. Nike Sport Band has been complement the smartwatch with its flexible and perforated band. This special band will eliminate all sweat problems that may happen to runner. The band is available in few color combinations that look great on the wrist. You can see Nike’s icon style on its watch faces. You won’t get these watch faces in other Apple Watch even in Series 2. The watch faces also let the access to third-party apps being convenient.

Nike+ Run Club app that is featured in Apple Watch Nike+ would give a lot of advantages for the runner. The app will remind you to get running by giving you daily motivation, notifications from friends who were challenging you and the information if the weather on your local area is good enough to do the running. All the data that have been recorded in this smartwatch will be summarized and shared by the app so you can see how your running is compared to your friends.

Apple Watch Nike+ will be available on Apple website at 9th September and available on Apple physical stores in late October. Apple Watch Nike+ will be launched in two different sizes with different prices. The first one is 38mm at the price 369USD and the second is 42mm at the price 399USD. For further information, you can see it on the website of Apple and Nike, Apple Stores, Nike retail stores and other authorized stores in the local area.


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