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Conscious or not, Apple Invites You For Leaving The Home Button

applepost.com – Home Button, the main button on the iPhone since the first generation by 2016, is indeed not to change its main function. Additional benefits continues to grow, adding features and other things given up this year by the presence of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

However, as a more observant, I think Apple will soon be leaving Home Button for iPhone. At the very least, it had begun in 2016. Here are some opinions about age Home Button which are no longer.


As the name implies, Home Button initially only serves to return to the homescreen when you use an application. This button is a revolution that granted Apple on iPhone devices. Yes, in 2007, another phone or a PDA for example, has not had a Home Button with big size, round and clear as the iPhone.

After several versions of the iPhone, finally the Home Button has additional functionality that is Multitasking. You can press this button 2 times in a row to see a list of applications running in the background. Press 3 times, can also be used for other additional features such as Accessibility mode.

Log in to 2014, the Home Button has many functions that you can use. Here is his description if distinguished by the manner and the amount of pressure that must be given:

  1. Home: a single tap
  2. Siri: once press and hold
  3. Multitasking: double tap
  4. Reachability: double tap (iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus and so on)
  5. Touch ID: stick a finger that has been registered


That was just the standard features, plus the advanced mode not like press 3 times for Accessibility or Force Restart, DFU Mode or other. However, since 2015, Apple started to reduce some of the features of the Home Button. More precisely presents an alternative way so that you do not have to suppress.

One is calling Siri diverted with ‘Hey Siri’ – say the word directly without the need for charging on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. There is also a mode Multitasking on iPhone devices with 3D Touch. That is called by press and hold in the left corner of the screen. Further on iOS 10, No Wake To Raise that makes you do not need to press the Home Button to “wake up” the display screen when the dark to see the notification.

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