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Get Ready to Achieve Your Workout with Apple Watch 2

appleposts.com – It seems that Apple Watch 2 or also known as I-Watch makes gadget lovers curious. Definitely, they are curious about what might Apple wants to offer to the gadget lovers. Actually, it is the second generation of Apple Watch and it should be offering something different than its previous generation.

The first feature you can find on Apple Watch 2 is built-in GPS. This feature is useful if you have to leave your iPhone for awhile such as when you are running or doing any kind of sport. By using the built-in GPS, you can still control your iPhone far away. This watch can also measure the result of your workout accurately. This is including if you love to swim because Apple Watch 2 is protected by water resistant technology. It is okay for you to use this watch in the water up to 50 meters. Everything can be seen clearly on the small screen on your wrist.

It seems that Apple Watch 2 is designed for people who love sports. It is related to the second feature which can be used to control your heart rate. The heart rate is also accurate so you know what you have been achieved in your workout. It is also related to the workout app which installed on this Apple Watch 2. Just imagine, you are able to control up to 12 types of workout. Those workouts are including indoor and outdoor such as swimming, running, biking, and many more. You can set your goal and increase your achievement in every workout. You can also analyze your previous achievement so you know what to do to improve it on the next workout.

The unique part of this Apple Watch 2 is about AirPods. By using this accessory, you are able to listen to your favorite music only from your Apple Watch 2. This is also the reason why it is okay to leave your iPhone for awhile and concentrate on your workout. Apple Watch 2 is also designed along with longer battery life so you can use it to support your daily activity all day long.

In conclusion, you will get and use more than just a watch if you wear Apple Watch 2 because it can do what ordinary watch can’t do. So, what do you think about the features available on Apple Watch 2? It will be great if you can feel those features by yourself, isn’t it?


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