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How to Select the Perfect iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro for You!

appleposts.com – Apple provides many iPad choices than ever. The newest iPads are iPad Pro which comes in 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches and iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 2. Not only has the screen sized which differs one to other but also the processors and the prices. So it is back to your preference whether you like small or big, powerful or portable.

Total cost of ownership vs. up-front

The cheapest iPad is the iPad mini 2. However, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 has the same price. The iPad Pro 9.7-inch is more expensive and iPad Pro 12.9-inch is the most expensive one among others. That seems so pricey and it’s getting higher when you add LTE and storage. The money you spent may be used for rent, car payments, food, school, pocket money and many other things. However, if you pick one iPad for one or two-year course even three or four, you will see the worth of your iPad and that you didn’t waste your money. The tips are if you don’t have money at all, you can get iPad mini 2 or iPad Air. If you are thinking about the performance and price, you should go for iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. If you don’t have any objection with the price, iPad Pro is perfect.

Display size

Recently, all iPads from Apple have Retina displays. This feature enables you to get high density and look great. The iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4 has the similar screen sizes and they are the highest in density. Their display density is as great as the iPhone 6s. It is because the same amount of pixels which can make the display clearer even in small size. It is the sharpest result on paper iPad Apple ever makes. If you want to get sharp graphic and portable device, you should get iPad mini 4. For reading and photography, iPad Pro with 9.7-inch is the best. However, for productivity and art, you will need bigger display just like iPad Pro with 12.9-inch.

Weight and size

The lightest iPad Apple goes to iPad mini 4. It is only 298.8 grams. Further, iPad Air 2 is twice the weight of iPad mini 4. People like to have light iPad because it eases them to hold it for long time. Talking about the size, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro has similar size. They can fit you back and easily to bring around. If you are a traveler or you commute a lot, iPad mini 4 is perfect for you to put it in your purse, jacket pocket or bag. Moreover, if you need bigger screen to be used at desk, couch or bench then you can pick iPad Pro or iPad Air.


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