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Important Accessories for iPad Pro That You Should Have

There are many iPad accessories and tools which can help you for your daily works. Those accessories can assist you to get more potential of iPad Pro. Moreover, some accessories for iPad Pro can give you more access to accompany and ease you to do your jobs. Even iPad Pro needs some gears to work with. As the time goes by, perhaps Apple can provide some accessories together with the gadget. Until then here are some accessories you can have to ease your works.

Apple’s Smart Keyboard

Some keyboards with Bluetooth connections are available for iPad Pro. However, some of them are normally big and need to charge. It is better to use keyboard which has Smart Connector. Here is Apple’s Smart Connector which offers the assistance for keyboard. It provides two interactions between the iPad Pro and keyboard and vice versa. There are only two choices for iPad Pro with 12.9 inch. They are Logitech and Apple. Apple’s Smart Keyboard so far is better.


iPad Pro has only one port, so you’d better need one or two adapters. There is an official adapter from Apple. If you have iPad Pro with 12.9 inch, you should bind your choice for SD Card Reader and adapter. It’s quite complicated because two adapters bring USD 3.0 support and it is only for bigger tablet. However, that connection will limit you to get photos and videos when you transfer from card or camera to iPad Pro. It’s better idea to get Lightning port so you can connect your keyboards, microphones and adapters together.

Faster Charging

For charging your iPad Pro with 12.9 inch fully and fast, you need Apple’s 29W adapter and USB Lightning cable. Actually, Apple should provide those items with iPad Pro, but for sure you will need those for your iPad Pro. You should purchase the adapter, USB-C and Lightning cable. Then get extra cable. When the regular power adapter can charge in 5 hours, this adapter can charge only in 2.5 hours.

Apple Pencil

Actually, the Apple Pencil is not really important gear for working. You don’t have to own this accessory. Normally, people rarely use Apple Pencil. They use this for playing games or taking notes. For sketching, Apple Pencil is the best technology to experience. It is easy to use and available for iPad Pro. If you often sign documents, sketch some designs or take notes, this Apple Pencil should be yours.


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