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iTunes Looks Solid in 12.2 Version and Offers More Quality Experience

appleposts.com – iTunes has been a very popular yet useful app for Apple users. For now, there is no significant rival to this app, giving it a special place in multimedia apps competition. It offers easy and fast access on multimedia updates, almost like a fast-food restaurant. The 12.2 version even offers more quality experience for users.

The Specs

The app now has new interface. Ditching 3D Skeuomorphic look, Apple now applies flattened icons that offers far cleaner look. Button switches between library mode and store is gone now, and typing option can be accessed from a permanent buttons now. User icon gets a new look and mini view switching is far easier now. Wish List button is removed while user-profile incon can drop down few options including Account Info choices, Redeem, and Purchase. There are more options as well including Internet Radio, Tones, Apps, podcasts, Books, and iTunes. You will be able to create a Playlist as well right now.


You may already know the entire features available for this app but here is a little break down on the available features. Apple Music Subscription Service should be available in two price including $9.99 for Apple Music after 90-day period, and $14.99 for six listener Family package. iCloud family sharing is still available and kids account will need approval first. This app also still offers connection to iOS devices. Meanwhile, the iTunes Store gets flattened interface as well. Not only that,, users still can use genius shuffle. Also, users should really enjoy the entire podcasts features and extras.

Pros and Cons

This app offers not only sleek design but the biggest catalogue of video and music ever. The internet radio is available for huge selection for genres. iCloud integration is now available and its’ Mini Player interface is really excellent. However, curation should be more specified. In addition to that, Authorization can be a serious issue especially for people who have multiple devices. The media player requires big disk space which is not handy enough. Fixing the issues can be a great leap for Apple, offering excellent music subscription service with huge options of media consumption.

In sum, this app is still nice enough to experience. Well, we may need Apple to revisit the latest version to fix those bugs but it is nice enough already. The authorization limit should be reconsidered. In all options for multimedia apps, iTunes is among the first places.


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