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Points To Be Checked Before Buying the Best iPhone in 2016

appleposts.com – Gonna buy iPhone and confused to choose one? Many people have this dilemma on which best iPhone they will buy. The latest iPhones from Apple are iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s. There are also older model like iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus which may be better and cheaper option. For second-hand option, you can get iPhone 5s. Further, you can wait for the newest iPhone 7 for few months. This article will discuss on iPhones from the buyers’ perspective. There are five models and they have different design, specs, price and features. Then you can decide on the most suitable iPhone for you.


Apple launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at the end of September 2015 and also in March 2016, they launched iPhone SE. If you want to buy iPhone, you may be so confused. If you have the budget, you should think about the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. However, the cheapest choice goes to iPhone SE which has the half price of iPhone 6s Plus. If you have already had iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c and you are confused whether to keep your iPhone or change to iPhone 6, it’s better for you to get the new model. Actually the price of the new model is not really different with the previous. However, the new model has better capacity such as extra color choices, 3D touch, better cameras and other impressive specs you will like. If you are really on low budget, you don’t need to worry. You still can get an iPhone. There are many places in which you can get a good deal on the second-hand iPhone.


Most of the latest iPhone from Apple has the access to all features from iOS 9. However, not all older models of Apple can be compatible with it. All the benefits of newest iPhone like 6s and 6s Plus are worth to get. You will get new features and the happiness to have the newest iPhone cannot be paid. People may be wondering to buy iPhone or Android or Windows phone. There are many competitors such as Nokia and Samsung or even the same Apple devices such as Mac or iPad. Actually picking the ideal iPhone for you should be based on your need. You should consider on which functions you usually use a lot. Then you should think about the budget you have.


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