Best Seller : Apple 38mm Smart Watch – Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Lavender Band

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Apple Watch Sport 38mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Lavender Sport Band.

Review :

I have been debating on buying one of these Apple Watches for a very long time. I couldn’t condone paying so much money for a watch, but I gave in and have absolutely no regrets. This watch is everything I hoped it would be and more.

First of all, this watch is absolutely gorgeous. I chose to get the 38mm Rose Gold watch and it fits on my tiny wrist perfectly. I have already gotten compliments on how awesome my watch is. Like most things Apple make, this watch is beautiful on the outside and the user interface is beautiful too.

This watch has apps for goodness sakes. It can tell you the basics like the date and time, it has a full calendar which reminds you of events, you can check your messages and send messages using Siri. You can change songs playing on your phone, update your Twitter status, make phone calls, and even pay for things using Apple Pay.

This watch is like an iPhone buddy that happens to sit on your wrist. It’s perfect for what it was made for as well. It makes a wonderful fitness buddy. It can track your heart rate and it even reminds you to get your exercise done for the day. It counts distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned and is perfect for tracking your activities.

If you’re like me and confused about taking the splurge, just do it. It’s so worth having such an amazing watch!



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