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The Magic Keyboard combines a sleek new design with a built-in rechargeable battery and enhanced key features.

Review :

This is the best keyboard I ever had. I had for decades invested in happy hacking keyboards as I like to have on all
machines and operating systems the same keyboard allowing to save time and aggrevation.
The apple magic keyboard very flat, has everything at the right place and looks good.
I’m really excited because the keyboard now connects via lightening – USB cable to the desktop. Bluetooth
only was for me always terrible, as the batteries would go out or shake and lose connection, or have multiple keyboards

interfere with each other. One can now use the keyboard with or without bluetooth. I’m writing this on this keyboard on a linux desktop.

I purchased this keyboard as an upgrade from the previous Apple bluetooth keyboard, which I loved. Setup was easy in OSX 10.11 El Capitan- it was recognized right away by my mac. Now for the action:

Typing on this keyboard is strikingly different than the last keyboard, and I must say that once my fingers got used to the new feel, I’m typing even faster than before. The keys look and feel much closer to the aluminum, yet they also feel like they press down just as much, with a light touch. If you are a key masher, you’re going to get some noise. The keys respond with very little pressure, so once I got used to that I’m just gliding from key to key.

Was it worth the update? Yes, if you spend much of your day on a keyboard like I do. Well done, Apple.



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