Best Seller : Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 9.7-inch (2016 Model)

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The smart keyboard combines an array of new technologies and materials to create a keyboard like No other.

Review :

I just got this straight from the Apple Store, but I think it’s a great keyboard! First of all, it isn’t Bluetooth, so it’s ready to use, when I’m ready to use it. No charging, no connecting, no wait. Just unfold it and pop the iPad into magnetic place. It’s great!

The keyboard is responsive and easier to type on than I thought it would be by looking at the photo.

People complain about the thickness of the front, but I used to have an iPad 4 with a heavy leather case. So for me, the thinner iPad Pro 9.7 with a Smart Cover with an extra thickness for a keyboard is no big deal, even if it does add a little weight.

I love how it folds up to basically be a cover, and the keyboard stays folded up when you don’t need it. You can even fold the whole cover back behind the iPad for reading or whatever. I think the convenience of having the keyboard on demand, and also being able to fold it up out of the way back into it’s own little “cover” is amazing technology.

Also, despite the lack of the top row keys, the keyboard has plenty of its own shortcuts, and if you forget, you can just hold down the command key in any app and your shortcut options will pop up to remind you.

My only real concern with this is that the piece of substance that connects the iPad to the keyboard is quite thin, and I’m a little scared this will eventually tear or wear down. The rest of it seems quite sturdy, but that thin place will have to be able to withstand a LOT of bending back and forth as the cover is opened and closed, folded and unfolded. So, I hope that holds up. But as far as the keyboard itself, I am very pleased.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the keyboard has such a nice soft touch to it that now I am saving up credit card points to earn the overpriced back case for it, because honestly the aftermarket cheaper back cases just feel cheap now that I have the Apple keyboard on the front. I kind of wish they made the keyboard in colors to match the backs, but that would probably be a little unreasonable to expect!

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