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Review : Apple iPad Air 2 (32GB) – 9.7-Inch Tablet MNV22LL/A (Space Gray)

appleposts.com – Get the latest iPad Air 2 – now with 32GB of storage! Review : Apple iPad Air 2 (32GB) – 9.7-Inch Tablet MNV22LL/A (Space Gray)

So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and light, you won’t have to.

With iPad, we’ve always had a somewhat paradoxical goal: to create a device that’s immensely powerful, yet so thin and light you almost forget it’s there. A device that helps you do amazing things, without ever getting in your way. iPad Air 2 is all that. And then some.

Not just a thinner display. A beautiful display.

To create the astonishingly thin silhouette of iPad Air 2, we started by redesigning the Retina display, fusing what had been three layers into one. Not only did this make the display thinner, it made it better, with more vivid colors and greater contrast. Then we added an antireflective coating, giving iPad Air 2 one of the least reflective displays of any tablet in the world.

Massive power. In a minimal form.

Not only is iPad Air 2 thinner, it’s also a lot more powerful. We designed a chip, the A8X, that delivers substantially better CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor. In fact, with its 64-bit desktop-class architecture, iPad Air 2 is as powerful as many personal computers. It’s power efficient, too, with a 10-hour battery life that lets you work, play, surf, and shop all day long.1

Advanced security. Right at your fingertip.

iPad Air 2 comes with our breakthrough Touch ID technology. It gives you an unprecedented level of security because it uses nature’s most perfect password: your fingerprint. So with just one touch, you can instantly unlock your iPad Air 2. But Touch ID goes beyond that. You can also make secure purchases in iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store. And with Apple Pay, you can unlock an entire world of online shopping that’s fast, convenient, and secure.

Two amazing cameras. Cleverly disguised as an iPad.

The iSight camera in iPad Air 2 delivers advanced optics, an improved sensor, and a powerful Apple-designed image signal processor. There are features like panorama, time-lapse videos, slo-mo, and burst and timer modes. The front-facing FaceTime HD camera has been redesigned, too, with an improved sensor and larger pixels for even better low-light performance. The upshot? All your photos and videos — and video calls and selfies — look incredible.

Faster wireless. Good things come to those who don’t wait.

Wi-Fi on iPad Air 2 is fast — more than twice as fast as the previous generation — so downloading movies and streaming videos take less time. And the Wi-Fi + Cellular model is equipped with faster, more advanced LTE technology.2 With Apple SIM, you can choose a plan quickly and easily in over 100 countries and territories right from your device. So you can make fast connections, even when you’re on the go.

Apps designed for iPad.
And everything you want to do with it.

iPad Air 2 comes with powerful apps for the things you do every day, like surfing the web, checking email, editing movies and photos, writing reports, and reading books. And there are hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store, designed specifically for the large Retina display (instead of stretched-out phone apps). So whether it’s photography, gaming, traveling, or managing your finances, you’ll find an app that will help you do it better.

iOS 10 and iPad.
Made to do more together.

iPad Air 2 runs iOS 10, the most advanced, intuitive, and secure mobile operating system in the world. With enhanced apps and features like Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, iOS 10 lets you multitask in powerful yet simple ways. Whether you’re checking messages while answering email or creating a presentation while watching the big game, iOS 10 helps you get more out of iPad than ever before.

Covers and Cases for iPad Air 2.

Protect every pixel of iPad Air 2 with a Smart Cover or Smart Case. Available in seven bright colors, the Smart Cover is made from durable polyurethane. The Smart Case, in rich aniline-dyed leather, protects both the front and back of your iPad.

Review :

– Super light, amazingly slim, and sleek. Consider the best on the market.
– Its A8X chip is powerful and fast and there is not lag or any form of slow down. Everyday using it feels like you just bought it yesterday.
– Very comfortable and feels extremely solid. You can hold it all day since Apple always puts quality over price.
– Put a keyboard on it and you have a laptop replacement for your daily web browsing.
– 1,536 x 2,048 resolution beats a hell of a lot of televisions / monitors on the market.
– Glare has not yet become a factor in me enjoying this. This machine basically knows when it’s bright out and when it’s dark out so the screen itself adapts so you can view it with little glare effect.
– Just like the iPhone, the slow motion video works like a charm.
– Split View does work well when my emails are open while I’m browsing the internet or editing my photos.
– No glitches with the screen at all as the retina screen touch panel works without a hitch.
– One of the few tablets that have an accurate battery life as 10 hours is almost right down to number when I need to charge it. This includes web surfing, gaming, videos, and music playing more than 2 hours each, some at the same time (music + web surfing).
– Love that you don’t need to shut down your apps when you’re done because Apple has done a really great job in making sure apps that you’re not using will not eat the battery away.
– This is a must buy for a Netflix binge watching in bed as there is a great reduction in reflection and its improved color / contrast ratio.
– I’ve taken it to the beach and was able to view it clearly when the sun was shining high.
– Speaker is quite impressive give the size of it. The sound is rich and has a good base, way better than I expected.
– Cheaper than the IPad Pro and really no reason why you need to buy the pro.
– As mention before, no matter what type of lighting you’re in the Air makes sure that each color contrast is accurate as it adapts to your lighting (such as when I was at the beach).
– Apple is moving forward and all I can say is thank god the 3.5mm headphone jack was built in before Apples big change.
– Wi-Fi is super-fast as there are two antennae with the use of 802.11ac technology, making the upload and download rate quick.
– With Skype this is the best to have as its dual microphones allowed me to at far way distance and still my voice will be heard crystal clear.
– 1080 videos are always consistent and the only layout I use when there is an event at my home.
– Charging is fast as well. After only 30 minutes it went from 0 to 15 percent. Pretty impressive.
– When I put it in rest, the next day I only saw, on an average, 1-2 percent drop in battery.

The Cons and Oks:__________
– If you have the first gen iPad Air there is no justification to really upgrade.
– Not waterproof, you’ll be freaking out every time you take it outside.
– When I switch to video mode I some noise coming inside the Air which caught me off guard. Firmware fixed this issue.
– When viewing my photos on slideshow it will crash time to time. It will suddenly shut out of the app and bring me to the home screen. This doesn’t happen every time but it’s enough to post it from my experience.
– Sometimes my photos will not sync up which was annoying, but an apple employee was able to fix the issue.
– Once out of a hundred times going online the Wi-Fi on Air was dead slow. The solution I found was to shut the tablet down completely and wait for 5 minutes before turning it on again.
– No more built-in mute switch as you’ll need to go into the control panel if you want to mute the air.
– Full brightness will eat double the amount of battery life when gaming /watching a video, which makes sense. I only wish the Air will notify me when the brightness level has reached its maximum.
– When you’re playing some high power games your battery life will fall dramatically. Not a good idea if you’re planning a road trip and all you have is real racing.
– It’s like a book so it’s annoying when you’re at a concert and some guy in front of you takes this out. You’re basically going to view the concert on what he’s filming. Not a great idea if you want to meet new friends.
– The speakers are not in the best place as I sometimes have my hands covering them when I’m watching something in landscape form. Hope one day Apple will build a tablet with front facing speakers.
– Front facing camera is identical to the iPhone 6 which is perfectly fine.
– Touch ID works like a charm and still is unable to function if your fingers are sweaty. If you’re at the gym with this I advise that you switch to the digital password as your fingers will be sweaty and the Touch sensors will not recognize it (at least that is what I do).

Bottom Line:__________

I can summarize it in two words: future proof. This tablet is fast, slim, beautiful in quality and design. The battery life is accurate in what Apple has stated and is “almost” a device that you can replace your computer with. Like any device, there are some glitches but firmware updates have fixed the problem as I honestly can’t find a hard line reason why not to buy this Air.

Personally, I don’t like taking videos or pictures with this if I’m out. This device is not built to take it to a festival and start filming with it as my iPhone can do a great job on its own. When I see someone who trying to film with any iPad I only see a giant magnet attracting pickpockets. Now if I’m at home that’s a different story because I will be using this first when a party or a special event is happening.

If you’re into filming and photography this a great device to begin your career as is cheaper and easier to use than paying a hefty price for high-end equipment, if you’re still trying to get into these industries (keep in mind that 32GB is not that much). But if this is still out of your price range then I recommend the Galaxy Tab or Nexus as these are also great alternatives to the Air.

Overall it’s a great tablet, but it’s only a tablet. With only a 32GB storage (not taking into account ICloud) this is not a 2 in 1 tablet as this is a device you’ll get after your computer. The Surface Pro is still considered the best around for 2 in 1 tablets as the Apple needs to enter this market soon. The IPad Air 2 is an experience enough to go into Best Buy to see it for yourself. This is the perfect time to buy because the pricing is dropping on these devices and even if the next iPad Air models come out this one will still hold its ground. Verdict: It’s almost perfect and is a real treat for those who have it (its brand new).

Hopefully I was a help to you,
Honest Reviewer



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