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Review : Apple Iphone 7 256GB Unlocked GSM – Jet Black

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The iPhone 7 (Plus) is by far the best iPhone ever created, possibly the best phone ever created. However, because it is similar to previous iPhones, I will try to focus on whats new and whats so great about it. First the processor, its amazing, but so is the processor in just about every phone now a days. But considering this phone is more powerful then any MacBook or MacBook Air, or Even iPad ever created, its pretty remarkable.

Second, and this is probably the biggest, and greatest thing about this phone, is the camera, or should I say cameras. The iPhone 7 (Plus) hands down features the best camera on a phone I have ever seen. It is really fast to focus and to fire, and images are sharp and extremely color accurate. In fact, after putting this camera through its paces, I questioned why I even owned my Canon EOS 5D Mark III. But then I remembered, BOKEH. IOS 10.1 (which I beta tested) bring “Portrait Mode” which works, however not always. Also its not as good as a fast lens on my full-frame body, but there is definitely room to improve the portrait mode blurred effect. Overall this is a great camera.

One of the last great things about this phone is the display. When I first placed my order, I wondered if the display would live up to the claims. Wider-color gamut, 25% brighter. Well it definitely does. This is honestly one of the most color accurate displays I have ever seen, and boy does it get bright when it needs to.

Finally the added 256GB storage option is much appreciated, as I am a storage hog. Also I absolutely love the Jet Black color. this reminds of my first iPhone, the iPhone 3G. There are some negatives to this phone however, it definitely “Hisses” for one. However unless my phone is to the Apple Logo on the phone, I can not hear it. Also, the display is slightly (very slightly) more yellow then the iPhone 6s. However after using, I pulled out my iPhone 6s Plus, and though my iPhone 6s plus display was actually more yellow.

If the small hiccups bother you, return it and get a new one, or go to the genus bar for a replacement. Other wise, sit back, and enjoy the best phone ever created.

I ordered an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Jet Black T-Mobile through Apples website at launch.

Review from amazon.com by Patrick M. Lyon on October 24, 2016


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