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Review : Apple Watch Sport Gold Aluminum Case with Band, Midnight Blue, 42 mm

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Coming on the heel of a pretty negative review in the NYTimes (Unbuttoned: Why I’m Breaking Up With the Apple Watch, Vanessa Friedman), I guess I’ll title this review in the same spirit.

I’m posting a “first impression” since I’ve seen a number of articles implying that there is a pretty high learning curve associated with the Apple Watch. After reading these I have to admit that my expectations for the watch I ordered about a month ago were pretty low by the time it showed up.

Anyway, it came yesterday, a 42 mm metal version sporting the Milanese band. It cost about $700.

First, this thing is an incredible piece of technology. Steve Jobs would not be unhappy.

The first thing I did was set up an initial (inter)face to display the following information each time I look at my wrist: time (yes, still want that), timer set (3-minute egg, that sort of thing), weekday and date (take that Rolex!), temperature at the current location, my exercise stats for the day and the %-age of life left in the battery.

The screen is amazing. I’m pushing 70 and can easily read the screen in its default font size (your results may vary).

The next thing I did was head out for a jog on the beach. Normally what this entails, since I do a run-walk-run routine, is setting my iPhone at 2- or 3-minute interval. It took me a couple of tries to figure out that these timings can be set through the watch by Siri. I don’t know if I look more like a dope setting my Smartphone or talking to my watch but personally I’m happy to leave my phone in my pocket.

The built-in pulse meter worked well. It was very handy to test my pulse at the end of my run and apparently some number of readings are retaining, even nicer.

I was impressed by the immediate, hyper-close integration of the watch with my iPhone 5S. Most settings can be done via the iPhone including rearranging the app icons. That interface BTW took 45 seconds to get used to. It’s different, yes, but very intuitive.

If you want to use the watch to buy stuff, etc. you need to have the passcode activated. However, if you have your iPhone with you, once you sign on to the iPhone (via a code or fingerprint) the watch drops its sign-on requirement. And once you are wearing the watch, you don’t need to login again, even if you get separated from your iPhone for some reason.

I think Apple was very smart to allow users to change the color of the watch screen because that gets one used to the so-called Digital Crown scrolling system.

It definitely will take some time to figure out the best way to get at all the information stored in the watch. As someone who once spent an inflation-adjusted $7,000 for a 10 megabyte hardd isk, I can tell you that $300-$700 for a 6 gigabyte device with a screen and entry mechanism and weighing perhaps 1/200th as much strikes me as a deal.

I very much like the charging system which is electro-magnetic inference rather than some kind of micro-mini plug. Again, call me easy, charging an electric device for a few hours a day does not strike me as onerous. That said, I can imagine that Apple would love to have the device charge through ambient lighting.

The one negative I’ve noticed so far — and I plan on updating this review if Amazon allows — is that I wish there was a super easy way to keep the display lit.

To circle back, I thought Apple’s initial TV advertisements focused rather directly at young women. I wondered if this meant that Apple thought this was a natural customer group or if they were particularly concerned that women would be hesitant to embrace (there I go again) the technology. I don’t know the answer to that but I do think deciding to call this computer-on-your-wrist a watch was probably a tough call.

Oh, almost forgot, here’s my wish list of things for the Apple watch to do, all of which can easily be accomplished with the current version of the product: garage door has opened / closed, set Nest thermostat, notify or confirm stock buys or sells, re-display video from baby or security monitor; provide a “911” or “I fell” option so a relative, friend or neighbor could be alerted that you need help; track sleeping patterns ; translate from one language to another (short phrases). I’ll ad to this list as time and Amazon allows. (reviews by slothinker in amazon.com)

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