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Review : iPhone 6/6s Accessories – Hitcase Pro+ Action Pack and Snap

appleposts.com – If you are such a fan of photography with your iPhone’s camera, Hitcase Pro+ Action Pack and Snap should be yours right now. The presence of this accessory of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s is designed for expanding the ability of photography as well as protecting your iPhone from the outside weather. Basically, the accessories come separately. Hitcase offers the Pro+ Action Pac for 150 US dollars and the Snap for 80 US dollars. Pro+ Action Pack is indeed pricey but huge accessories package. It is also worth it.

The package consists of waterproof case, shockproof case, and the other accessories. For the shockproof case is sold for about100 US dollars, in case you do not want to buy it in a package. Meanwhile the Hitcase Snap is kind of an iPhone case with wide lens that can be removed along with monopod and the other accessories. Both Pro+ Action and Snap package are equipped with the Railside Mounting System that allows you to install the other accessories from Hitcase that can be connected to the system. Well, Hictase also sells various accessories that related to the other products from the same brand. They can connect to the system. And if you need to buy removable lenses, you can buy it from Hitcase as well.

Hitcase Pro+ for outdoor uses

As we have said earlier, the package of Hitcase Pro+ Action consist of waterproof case. The case is really well sealed waterproof that can be used up to 33 feet under the water. This is also impressive news for sure. The case can be opened by using coin or certain key from Hitcase that is included in the package. But even though it is highly recommended for outdoor uses, there is not much rubber on it. Other than that, several buttons such as Home button, Touch ID, and ringer switch need to be pushed harder to use it.

Hitcase Snap for daily uses

Since the case is lighter and the price is less expensive that the Pro+ Action, Hitcase Snap is highly recommended for daily photography uses. Just like the other cases, this looks like standard phone cases with nice coverage for the buttons. The additional wide lenses are good for photography for sure.

So, Hitcase Pro+ Action and Snap packages are good options for you who are the photography enthusiasts. Each type has specific function that will help you to get the best shot for both outdoor and daily uses.


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