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Review : NEBO CaseBrite for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus – Responsive Button Coverage

appleposts.com – iPhone is kind of smartphone that will always innovate for users’ better experience. It also happens on the iPhone cases that not only provide good look but also better function. There are also many companies that produce cases for iPhone that will provide the best product with the best price as well. It is no wonder if nowadays it is not that hard to find good case for your gadget. And in this review we are going to introduce you to the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus case from NEBO which is called NEBO CaseBrite. You can purchase it from online store or your favorite outlet for about 40 US dollars.

Basically NEBO is not specifically a company that sells phone cases or company that sells accessories for iOS. NEBO is very well known as the company that sells tools and flashlights. Since we talk about innovation, this case is thing with innovation as well. NEBO offers the iPhone user a case with built-in flashlight in the back along with the powerful feature of its flashlight. If the flashlight is running out, you can charge it separately from the phone case by using the micro-USB. You do not need to worry because the package consists with a USB cable as well.

Protective case and responsive button coverage

Still, it offers good protection for your phone through the case. Besides, it is also equipped with the responsive button coverage for the wake/sleep alarm control and the volume button. Due to the flashlight, the case is a bit thicker that the other cases in the market. The case is made of plastic with kind of texture on the back that will add the grip-like.

Powerful flashlight

The flashlight on the back of the case is big, circular, and yellow. The company claims that CaseBrite can be 12x brighter that the smartphone’s flashlight. And the light is indeed brighter, wider, and more powerful than regular light that is attached in smartphones, specifically iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. The light works really well to illuminate the dark room and even the outdoor area. The light can be turned on by pushing the power button on the back of the case – it is easy to use for sure. You can also dim the light by holding the power button. Based on the NEBO, the light can last for 3 up to 24 hours, depends on how you use it. The light will be full after 3 hours in charging.


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