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Several Considerations Before Buying MacBook Air 11 Inch or 13 Inch

applepost.com – Before buying a new MacBook Air, it is better for you to choose the best one based on your need. There are two different MacBook Air you need to know. Those two gadgets are MacBook Air 11 inches and MacBook Air 13 inches. It is important to compare the detail of these two gadgets to get the best one.

MacBook Air 11 inches and MacBook Air 13 inches are designed along with LED backlit display diagonally. The different is only on the size of the gadget. Moreover, these two MacBook Air are also supported by the same type of processor. Both of them are using Dual-Core Intel Core i5 1.6GHz or Dual Core Intel Core i7 2.2GHz. The speed can be boosted up to 32GHz. You can choose one of the processor above based on your need.

One of the different between these two products is the battery life. If you think you need a MacBook Air with longer battery life, you have to consider MacBook Air 13 inches. This is because you will be supported by a MacBook Air which can be used up to 12 hours. Actually, MacBook Air 11 inch is also not bad in battery life. You can use this type of MacBook Air up to 9 hours. Don’t forget about the storage of the MacBook Air to save your important data. In the case of storage capacity, both of them are supported by the same capacity of storage system. You can keep your important data save on their 512GB flash storage.

How if you also want to use a lightweight MacBook Air because you have to bring it anywhere you want? It seems you have to choose MacBook Air 11 inches. Later, you are about to bring a 2.38 pounds MacBook Air. The good news is that the 13 inch version is not too heavy. The weight different between these two MacBook Air is only 0.58 pounds.

The price is also different. If you have more money, it seems that you can buy MacBook Air 13 inch. In specific, you should spend around $999 to bring this cool MacBook Air home. On the other hand, you can use the cheaper one but in similar quality in which you just need to spend around $899 and this MacBook Air is ready to support your daily activity. So, which one of the MacBook Air do you want to buy? Hopefully, the comparison above helps you to decide which one of the MacBook Air you have to buy.


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