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Several Things To Know Before Buying Mac Mini or Mac Pro

appleposts.com – Which one do you choose between Mac Mini and Mac Pro? It will be a hard decision to take, isn’t it? The best way to decide is by comparing these two devices first. By comparing it, you know which one will be your best gadget. If you get the best gadget, it means your daily activities can be done easily and faster. Actually, it depends on your need. Let say, you need a high energy efficient device to support your hectic activity. If it is so, you should take Mac Mini as your option.

Mac Mini and Mac Pro are using two different processors. Mac Mini is using dual core Intel i7 with up to 3GHz speed whereas Mac Pro is using quad core or Intel Xeon E5 with speed up to 2.7GHz. So, if you want to use a fast performance Mac, just consider Mac Mini as your option. Memory is one of important consideration because one of your activities is saving important data.

For those who need a large storage space, Mac Pro is a good option because it serves you with up to 64GB memory. It is different to Mac Mini which only supports you with 16GB storage space. Both of them are supported by four USB 3 ports. The different is that Mac Mini is only has 2 thunderbolt ports whereas Mac Pro is using up to 6 thunderbolt ports. They also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection. Furthermore, Mac Mini and Mac Pro are supported by additional features such as MacOS Sierra, photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. What you need to know is that Mac Mini and Mac Pro is also different on its appearance. Mac Mini is designed along with white color and Apple logo on the center. Mac Pro is using black as the main color and it looks elegant for you.

Seeing the features and the design from these gadgets, the price between Mac Mini and Mac Pro is different. Because Mac Pro is offering large space of memory and any kind of features, the price is more expensive than Mac Mini. You have to spend around $2999 to bring Mac Pro home and you just have to pay around $499 for Mac Mini.

Now, which one of Mac do you want to use? It hopes that this information helps you to make a decision whether you want to buy Mac Mini or Mac Pro. Just focus on what you need first and it will be easy for you to compare and find the best one.


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