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Short Preview For The Newest Generation of Apple TV

appleposts.com – Apple launched the first generation of Apple TV in September 2015. People usually called it iTV. The TV has the version of OS X Tiger. It also has hard drive with capacity of 40-160 GB. However, it only connects the stuff from iTunes from the computer to TV. Moreover, in September 2010, Apple once more launched the second generation of new Apple TV.

  • 1st-gen Apple TV: January 2007
  • 2nd-gen Apple TV: September 2010
  • 3rd-gen Apple TV: March 2012
  • 4th-gen Apple TV: September 2015

The size of the newest one is smaller and it goes from syncing to streaming. Then in March 2012, Apple initiated the third generation of Apple TV. The next generation was introduced on September 2015 and it is called the future of television. The newest Apple TV or the fourth generation is all new start from the box until its remote. This new TV dubbed just like TV OS. It has great remote features such as touch gestures for choosing movies, voice control and physical buttons. It uses Siri which can find movies and TV shows on HBO, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes and Showtime. Moreover, you will get more services from time to time. It also allows people to skip the movie or TV shows for some minutes. It is amazing that you can skip about 15 seconds if you don’t catch the conversation of your favorite movies. The owner of Apple TV even can ask Siri about who is the actor in the movie when the movie is playing. You can also ask the scores of the sport and weather as well.

How to Choose the Ideal Apple TV for You

This is the newest Apple TV which has 4K and Siri and more applications. This new TV is really great in its improvement which is so significant comparing to the previous one. It is Apple TV. People are waiting for its upgrade and it is worth to wait for 32 GB version or even 64 GB.

New Apple TV Preview

The original version of Apple TV was used version of OS X. It had hard drive and connected all the content from iTunes. In 2010, Apple changed the version into iOS which has NAND Flash for its storage. Moreover, people can start streaming from cloud. The newest Apple TV has the same principal but it comes along with Siri, App Store and many more.

Do You Need to Upgrade to the New Apple TV?

The previous time, Apple TV was upgraded it in 2012 and it has the same upgrades time as iPad 3. The newest Apple TV then was introduced in 2015. This time, the upgrades time together with iPad Pro. So you see the leap of the models comes. This indication will affect you when you need to upgrade your Apple TV.


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