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Short Review About What Makes AirPods Surprising

appleposts.com – One of interesting parts of Apple Watch 2 is the use of AirPods. It is considered as one of accessories which support the function of Apple Watch 2. So, what kind of accessory AirPods is? Generally, AirPods is considered as a headphone. Definitely, AirPods is different than any other accessories.

This accessory is built wireless. The way to use this accessory is also easy. To turn on your favorite music, you just need to wear the AirPods on your ear. On the other hand, if you want to turn off the music, you just need to take off the AirPods from your ear. The best part is that this accessory is not only compatible for Apple Watch 2. You can also use AirPods for iPad and Mac.

The function of this accessory is also more than just a gadget to listen your favorite music. More than that, you are also able to call your friends, increase the volume, find direction to certain place, and turn specific music for specific activity.

Just imagine that you can do it as easy as tapping the device. Just double tap the AirPods and you are activating Siri. You don’t have to take your iPhone if you want to do the activities above. The spectacular one is that it is because the supports of tinny chip namely Apple W1 chip. Because of this chip, wireless AirPods will have better connection. Moreover, you will have better sound quality.

It is not only used to produce better connection and sound, this chip is also used to keep the energy of the battery. That’s why you can use this device up to 5 hours after charging it full. If you need this accessory in hurry, you can just charge it for 15 minutes and you can use AirPods for 3 hours.

It seems that most people don’t really expect that those abilities are coming from a small chip. You can still produce good quality of sound while speaking with your friends. Even, AirPods detects the location and then reduce the external noise. As the result, the receivers only listen to your voice.

You can also enjoy your favorite music better. You are able to use one or both of the AirPods. Furthermore, you will hear the sound faster as soon as you put the AirPods on your ears. To get this accessory for Apple Watch 2, it seems that you have to wait because AirPods will be launch in October 2016.


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