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Short Review for the Next Apple Watch with Waterproof Feature

appleposts.com – Apple has already updated its waterproof device which is called Apple Watch 2. This new upgraded processor is the second model of Apple Watch. Of course, the features are updated as well such as the GPS, better battery life and barometer. Those features can be limited to make the Apple Watch Sport still affordable. Apple tries to initiate the upgrade version of Apple Watch Sport with greater waterproof system and processor but it doesn’t have GPS and other features. It only has the similar standard of Apple Watch’s stainless steel. The Apple Watch 2 has new display called One Glass Solution. It is different with the previous glass. This display reduces one layers of the traditional glass. It has two layers of glass with thinner component. With this new display component makes Apple Watch 2 becomes lighter in the weight. This Apple Watch can be seen in September or October of 2016. The upgrade time is almost the same just like iPhone.

Current Apple Watch

The last Apple Watch launched in September 2014. That’s when Apple launched its wearable device. People expected that the wearable device will be called iWatch, but in fact Apple used its symbol and followed with ‘Watch’ and made the device’s name into Apple Watch. Based on Apple’s head of design, Apple has created this device for three years. The goal of this Apple Watch is to change the people way in their life. The Apple Watch is created for two things which are fashionable and functional. It is available in two sizes and eight casing materials and dozens changeable color bands. There are three different collections starting from simple Sport until luxurious Edition.

How to Buy

You can get Apple Watch by ordering in online stores or you can buy in Apple stores. The price is ranging from $299 for Apple Watch Sport with 38mm. Moreover, the 42mm Apple Watch Sport’s price is #349. For Apple Watch with stainless steel, the price is around $549 to $599. The most expensive on is $10,000 for Apple Watch Edition which is made of gold and they are only sold in some stores.

Current Apple Watch Collection

Apple updates and changes regularly. The new products were introduced in September 2015 and March 2016. If the new models are launched, Apple gives new features to Apple Watch changing the older models. Moreover, they also give the new looks of the band combinations. Usually, Apple also upgrades the watch faces, band combinations and casing materials as well.


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