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The Fascinating SIRI App Makes Your iPhone as Your Very Best Friend

appleposts.com – The latest technology which included in iPhone is SIRI. Actually, what is SIRI in iPhone? In general, SIRI is also known as voice control feature. By using this app, you are able to control your beloved iPhone with sound. With the certain key sound such as “Hey, SIRI” you are able to use your iPhone better than before. It seems that this app makes your iPhone just like your best friend. Just imagine! SIRI helps you to manage your messages, calls, and even your important activities such as making reservation, reminder, and many more.

Interestingly, you don’t need to touch your iPhone at all or known as hands free technology. You can also use SIRI to control your electronic products at home via iPhone. You can ask everything to SIRI due to its connection to several reputable websites such as Wikipedia, Yelp, and many more. You will get the best answer you need only from your iPhone with the support from SIRI. Let say, you are people who love to safe photos on iPhone. It seems that you will have a lot of photos there. By using SIRI app, you can ask this app to find your previous photos. Just talk to your iPhone via SIRI to find the photos you want to see. It is the same case if you are considered as movie lover. Just use the HomeKit and use SIRI to help you. Later, dim your light and enjoy your favorite movie.

You don’t have to touch your iPhone or any kind of device. Just use your voice to control everything. The amazing part is that you can also texting your friends without touching your iPhone at all. Just ask SIRI to do it by talking to your iPhone. Just talk the specific message you want to send including whether you want to use emoticon or not. You can also book your name to your favorite restaurant. Any kind of questions and actions can be done by using SIRI via iPhone. You can even ask SIRI to charge your iPhone and help you to make specific decision such as decision to agree or disagree, true or false, yes or not, and many more. At the first time, it was applied by iPhone 4S but now you can use SIRI in all types of iPhone. It is really an outstanding technology. SIRI makes your iPhone acts like your very best friend to support your daily activities.


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