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The Reasons Why The New Generation of Macbook Pro Without Touch Screen Display

appleposts.com – Maybe some of you have felt frustrated by the presence of a new generation of MacBook Pro because it does not come with a touch screen as its competitors after 4 years did not get an updated hardware.

Apple reportedly will never launch a MacBook Pro with a touch screen. This was revealed by a number of high-ranking Apple in an interview conducted Cnet far days before the event title “Hello Again” last night.

The first reason given by Chief of Design Jony Ive why Apple will not adopt touch screen on a Mac computer. He reasoned that type screen will not work on a Mac computer.

A moment with Ive, SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said making the best computers do not have to change the Mac computer like the iPhone as both the best products in each class.

“We did spend a great deal of time looking at this a number of years ago and came to the conclusion that to make the best personal computer, you can’t try to turn MacOS into an iPhone,” Schiller says.

“Conversely, you can’t turn iOS into a Mac…. So each one is best at what they’re meant to be — and we take what makes sense to add from each, but without fundamentally changing them so they’re compromised.”

To create a bridge between the Mac computers and iOS devices, then Apple Touch Bar brings the features that make operation of the applications in the new MacBook Pro makes it easy and fun.

“It is great to provide two different ways to solve some of the same things, but they also do very unique things that the other doesn’t,” said Phil Schiller. “Having them separate allows us to explore both, versus trying to force them into one — and only one — model.”

Touch Bar itself is beginning a major step that will be a way for Apple to bring other innovations that have been unthinkable in the future, Ive said.

The price aspect of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar features to be concerned because it will be more expensive than the previous generation. But Schiller said Apple did not design it for a price, but for the experience and quality that can be obtained from a Mac computer.

Source : cnet


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