20 Online Attention-Seekers Who Went Way Too Far For Social Media

For the past years, social media has been more and more versatile and people who are trying their luck in earning from being “influencers” have also increased tremendously. These folks do all sorts of things just to earn the likes and shares they think they deserve. Aside from money, fame is also an important factor that people these days are craving for.

Just to secure more reactions and followers, people do the most stupid and dumb things that could not only inconvenience others or damage property but would also potentially cost them their lives.

1. Harassing other people

Source: Reddit
Some people just want to work properly so they can provide for their families, just like this poor taxi driver. On the other hand, this lady needs so much attention that she had to harass the driver and make him the subject of her perversion just because she wanted to get famous online.

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